Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun Times in the City

Alright. So its been 4 months and man has it been a good time. So many preconceived notions bashed! Here are a few I thought of off hand....

1. Texas only has BBQ and TexMex.

Not true! Austin has some of the best seafood I have EVER had. (Esti, we have to go to Uchi. You will die over their sushi). Not only does it have the best seafood, but all the food is good. I have not had a bad meal yet.

2. Texas is a desert.

Ok, this one was kind of disappointing to find false. It rains in Austin. It is humid in Austin. Every evening for the last week it has thunderstormed. So much for dry heat.

So actually...I think thats all I can come up with right now but I think those two are pretty big! On to picture adventures!

"Metal" Night on the FameCast stage. This guy and his brother played "metal". I think Aviators and a FauxHawk automatically negate metalness....but maybe thats just me.

White Denim. Awesome show at the Beauty Bar. They are very fun.

Another night on 6th Street. At least there were dollar beers and fireballs. Also I met a very fun Finlandish guy who was driving from LA to New York with his friends. Awesome! Ha, I couldn't stop talking about what he should do when he got to DC.

Swimming hole in the hill country. Weee!

Dung beetle hanging out at the swimmin' hole. He's playing with poop!

My treehouse! I live here!

Adventures in closet organizing. It only took 4 trips to Home Depot including two trips with 8ft pieces of lumber stuffed into my little car. I love my car. Thanks Ayse!

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GersonCurse said...

I don't know which I like better:
The white denim or your fantastic bungalow!
I WILL hear more when I see you Saturday! Yippie!