Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Atlanta after 800 miles or so...

Well lets see...I'm into day 3 of my trip. It took forever to get out of VA but the ride was spectacular. The hostel that I was supposed to stay at in Knoxville turned out to be wicked sketchy. We're talking by an underpass, the greyhound station, and railroad tracks. Not to mention it looked totally deserted in a Bates Motel kinda way. Had I stayed there it seemed like it would have been a repeat of the night Esti and I spent in a "trailer park" in Idaho, but this time I didn't have a maglite to clutch under my pillow. I decided this was not the best place to bed down, high recommendation from or not! With some help I found myself a nice hotel to stay in....or so I thought. I got to my room and hopped on the bed and immediately noticed the pervasive smell of BO! The pillows smelled awful! I found two that weren't so bad and promptly became unconscious (9 1/2 hours of driving will do that to a girl). I woke up the next morning with nice little bites on my ankles! ooh fun! And then, when I went to the continental breakfast I was accosted by the hotel staff who I guess thought I was some chick who just wandered off the street. Its fairly unpleasant when the staff ask you 4 times what your name and room number are and when you ask them what the problem is they just stare at you. Hmmm....last time I stay at a Clarion Hotel.....although it might have had something to do with the fact that I pocketed a bagel for later....but thats not the point!

Aaanyways, I got on the road pretty quickly from there and made it to Mona's in Atlanta where the fun began!

more to follow!

heart DiG

My Car In Tennessee! Scenic Overlook!

You can't really see it but that spider traveled with me all the way from Baltimore to at least Tennessee....I don't think he made it to Georgia

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GersonCurse said...

HAHAH!! I can totally see you staring down the staff! They should thank their lucky stars they weren't preschool teachers. That'll show them!

P.S. Did you happen to see a banana on your travels?