Saturday, May 5, 2007

Rolling into Georgia

I made it to Georgia in the afternoon without much trouble. I was starving and totally crampy from driving so I hopped on my bike and found a yummy noodle place (ok, mona tipped me off :). Afterwards, I road around Emory's campus and tried to get lost in the gorgeous Highlands. I was a little too successful and the only thing that saved me from having to call Mona was the dead possum in the road I saw on the way out. ("oh wait, I'm going the wrong way! I already passed that dead possum once before...."). I finally got back and met up with Mona and we headed out to the bars. First stop was trivia night with the Superfriends. They took second place, but even more important, they beat the League of Villians. Woooh!! From there we met up with two more of her friends for fantastic pizza. To finish off the evening we headed over to the Clermont Lounge. Nothin' ends a night like naked girls on a bar with motorcycle dudes singing karioke in the background. Thanks for the dollar bills, Connor!


man, they do it right at trivia night! that bong looking thingy was full of BEER! Its the size of a small monkey.

yay! dancing girls!

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