Thursday, May 10, 2007

Road to the Imfamous Tea Set

I left Atlanta aiming for Alabama. Now from what everyone has told me of Alabama there is absolutely nothing exciting there and well...for the most part I'd have to agree. However! I did some research before I left and found that in a little town called Anniston you can set your eyes on Hitler's silver tea service. I figured I couldn't pass that up. The place was about a half hour detour off the highway and I was totally surprised to find it was a really new and contemporary museum. I paid the fee and was in!

So basically I walk in thinking I'm just gonna run through the museum and try to find this tea set (like when you're at the Louve and all you really want to see is 'The Mona Lisa' and 'Winged Victory' so you just run through the corridors bypassing all the other schlock). When I actually get in, I'm stunned. I have never seen so many guns in my entire life! The whole collection was started by a man (Mr. Berman) who was totally into antique guns and weapons. I start out in the Wild West and there's just cabinet after cabinet of all these antique guns. I know, I know, i keep saying guns but wholy jeez there were A LOT of them! And some of them were really neat! you could see the evolution of what worked and what didn't. Cool! After schmying through for a while I decided it was time to find the pièce de résistance. I wander upstairs, turn a corner, and BAM! there it is, all shiny and stuff. Its sitting in front of three whole cabinets of Nazi memorabilia. I do have to mention that Mr. Berman was a US soldier and the rest of the exhibit contained all sorts of other military artifacts like uniforms, medals, gas it was pretty neat overall. Definitely worth the detour. (see the pics below).

The rest of Alabama was non descript. I did stop at the only Mercerdes Benz factor
y in the United States and found it to be especially lame. Very skippable unless you get there at 9am and can make the factory tour. Ha. I pretty much spent the next 10 hours in the car barely making it to Louisiana in a freakin monsoon. But that will have to wait for the next post.



They do dare.

And here it is. Notice on the very left, there is a pair of scissors. Those were very important grape cutting scissors. No joke, they are for cutting smaller grape bundles off the bunch. Hitler was so classy....

Would you like some brass knuckles with your gun?

Oooh....losts more guns...weeee!

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