Monday, May 7, 2007

Just Can't Leave Georgia

Omg, I forgot to mention how wonderful the south smells. I would step out of my car or out of Mona's apartment and be wafted with the most fragrant flower smells. You would think this would get annoying but actually it was quite wonderful. I was the big dork walking around Mona's apartment complex breathing deeply and yelling at passersby, "HEY! Do you smell that! Its AWESOME! I LOVE ATLANTA!!".

Moooving on! I decided I wasn't quite ready to leave Atlanta yet, so I stayed another night. Most of the day I spent wandering around a really neat part of town called Little Five Points. Its like a little Fells Point. Very artsy. I spent the rest of the day by the pool and when Mona got back we met up with some friends and went to George's. They're famous for their burgers and holy jeez there is a good reason why! (Thanks for the tip, Dad!). Besides the most excellent burgers, $5 pitchers can't be beat! On the way home I made Mona stop so I could take pictures of the possum that saved me the day before (don't worry, I won't post those). We also ran into some sort of sod speed bump (see pics). Woke up the next day ready to go! On to Alabama, home of Hitler's Tea Set. explanation tomorrow!




Mona's friend Jane and friend Connor.

What is this? What is going on here?!

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